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We offer two types of uniforms sold separately when signing up.

Gi set #1:

Basic/Traditional all black uniform comes simply with Gi top that has the silk screening of the school emblem and Gi pants and a white belt, plus school patch that must be sewn on the left side above the heart.

Gi set #2:

Elite/Embroidered uniform that comes with two pairs of pants. One red pants and one black pants. The embroidered Gi top is black with all patches sewn onto it. Both black pants and red pants with deep side pockets do come with the uniform.

​Noted: If you have any questions, you are of course always welcome to ask any of the black belts or the Grandmaster and they would be more than happy to assist you.



The first belt you will receive when you sign up is the white belt.

When you earn your first colored belt, and all belts, from that point on, are yours forever.

White, Yellow, Orange, Purple, Blue, Green, Brown, and Black.

All belts have multiple stages that include black stripes on the tip of belt to distinguish advancing belt rank between ranks.

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