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  • Class Etiquette
    All classes are open for students up to the allowable limit based on mat space. Schedule may change due to special events Arrive 5 minutes prior to scheduled class. Come to class clean and in appropriate attire. · Black or Red Gi pants (if you forget your Gi pants, you do 50 pushups) · School T-shirt (if you forget your shirt, you do 50 pushups) · Belt (if you forget your belt, you do 50 pushups) · Mouthpiece · Cup Bring own water Shoes mandatory while not on training mat. No shoes on training mat. Wash or sanitize hands prior to beginning class Stay inside until your parent/guardian is here to pick you up. Please stay home if you are sick or feeling sick.
  • Dojo Courtesy:
    Pay your dues on time every month. Dues secure your spot in the membership of the school. Full dues are due each month whether or not you go on vacation or otherwise miss class. If you are unable to come to a class you regularly attend, call to let GM know, since this affects other students being paired up for drills. Either email GM or call the karate phone. If you arrive more than 30 minutes late you will only be given credit for half a day of training, if you are 1 hour late you will receive no credit. If you arrive late 2 pushups for every minute The number of pushups is cut in half if you call ahead of time and let Grandmaster know you'll be late. Shake hands with GM and other Black Belts (in order of rank) before and after class. If a senior ranking Black Belt from another school enters the building, the person leading class will stop instruction, and tell the class to set and salute. Must show respect to instructors and students. Be well mannered and behave properly. Show 100 % effort and positive attitude in class Practice and exercise at home for better results
  • Use of Kajukenbo
    Kajukenbo techniques should only be used for self-defense, as a last resort, and then only to the extent necessary. It is best to avoid a fight. If confronted, escape if possible. Techniques should only be used for a just cause, particularly to preserve life. Restraint is a great virtue in Kajukenbo “A fist in the pocket is the best place for it." Remember that there are many people more skilled than you. Never underestimate an opponent. Do not give away the fact that you are trained in Kajukenbo. Surprise gives you an advantage. Bragging about your "skills" is foolish and invites conflict. Most people are attacked without warning. Awareness, anticipation and avoidance are the best self-defense.
  • Sparring Rules:
    Bring training equipment, as necessary (appropriate and approved; any substitutes must be approved to prevent injury) Bring sparring gear and mouth piece to class. Salute your training partner when free-sparring together. Boxing: Before the match, tap both gloves together. After a break, acknowledge a well-executed technique by tapping left gloves together. After the match, tap both gloves together and otherwise show appreciation and respect. Knife: Before the match, tap flats of knives together (1) right to left, (2) left to right, (3) ends of handles (punos) criss-crossing. After the match, shake hands or otherwise show appreciation and respect. Grappling: Before the match, gently slap right hands together. After the match, shake hands or otherwise show appreciation and respect. Not performing techniques hard and strong disrespects your training partners ability. If you are injured, let the instructor know before you leave the training floor.
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