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Willis Kempo Kung-Fu School holds four general testing a year. These take place in the following months.

  • December

  • March

  • June

  • September

The student’s friends, families and love ones, are always welcome and encouraged to watch the student’s test. Photography and video is fine, but please no flash is allowed for safety reasons.

Testing Requirements

For every testing and depending on the student’s belt level, they will need to perform some or all of the following:

  • Warm-ups (Stretching exercise and Kick drills)

  • Kata’s, Pinon’s and Kung-Fu Forms

  • Weapon Forms

  • Grab Arts and Punch Attacks (singular or multiple grabs or singular or multiple                punches from the attacker/attackers)

  • One-steps sparring 5 and One-step sparring 10 (Self Defense)

  • Knife, stick and gun disarming

  • Sparring (Kick Boxing)


Students can earn a stripe on their belts that exemplifies that he or she is preparing to test. Two or three stripes on their belt, means that they will be testing. Prior to testing, students are pretested to see if they’re truly ready to be tested. Black Belt Instructors or higher ups in belt ranks will carefully teach and guide the students on the specifics of each requirement.

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