We teach several classes at Willis Kempo Kung-Fu, targeting both children and adults. Each class focuses on the students, making sure they understand the importance of discipline, respect, and self-defense. Whether you want to compete in tournaments, work your way up to a black belt, or learn basic self-defense tactics you can use in the real world (if you have to), we have something for everyone

Kid’s Kempo Kung-Fu

Kempo Kung-Fu is a mixed form of Chinese martial arts. With Kempo Kung-Fu, practice makes perfect. It’s vital to ensure our students understand each and every move and its meaning before moving onto the next level. We teach children where hard work, perseverance, and discipline can get them in life. Enroll your child now; we accept students as young as four years old.


This American hybrid mixed martial arts, requires students to develop their own “expression” or meaning with Kajukenbo. Just like Kempo Kung-Fu, students have the freedom to make each move their own. Kajukenbo originated from Korean Karate, Judo, JuJitsu, Chinese Kempo, American boxing and Chinese kick boxing along with Escrima (system of Escrima is Kabaroan).

If you are looking for a fun, new fitness program for yourself or your children, enroll today at Willis Kempo Kung-Fu in Fresno, CA.

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